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Created on 2012-09-01 22:00:19 (#1714270), last updated 2017-06-23 (12 weeks ago)

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Name:Headspace Hijinks: We're a Little Mad in Here, ...
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Community description:roleplay musebox
There are only two rules:

--No drama, no bullying, no infighting, no godmoding, no backseat RPing*, no OOC bashing on characters, even the nasty ones, no OOC prejudice/intolerance (unless it is IC for a character to be bigoted). Bullys and bigots will be fed to the energy vampires or given to Doctor Franken Stein to dissect or one of the two Doctors Herbert West to experiment on.

--Have Fun! This is the most important rule, so that's why I left it for last! (If you need to slow tag, take a break, take a hiatus due to RL being busy, we're totally golden with that. Real Life Comes First!)


*Backseat RPing -- What's that? It's like backseat driving, only you're doing it to someone else RPing another character.
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